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It seemed as though winter would never end; the sheer magnitude of snow and ice enough to make anyone feel a bit down. Even the sun itself seemed to have settled in under the clouds for a long nap and as the flurries continued to drift through the air, the world found itself cast into silence and stillness.
However, at the Miss OC Pageant, things were far from still.
The organizers had been working for weeks to get everything organized and, despite a few bumps here and then, they had finally done it. The Miss OC Winter Venue had been completed. Nestled in a quaint and snowy valley, the little village made especially for the contestants was fully equipped to handle no only the girls competing, but there friends and family as well. Pearl stood outside in her overly fur-lined parka, awaiting the buses called in to transport those still in the running for the crown and quietly gazed out at the ski-slopes and trails winding up the distant mountain.
Yes...this would be the perfect place for their next event....

Hello everyone and thank you for sticking with us.
As you can see, we had a few issues that kept us from updating, but I have finally found a moment to sit down and get this show back up and running and I hope you can forgive me. We are also in the process of trying to get the remaining funds to renew our super group so please, bare with us on that one...
But until then, I hope you are all ready for Round Four.
I'm sure the theme will have been worth the wait for some of you.

Round Four
~ Winter Wear ~

It's often easy to forget to see the beauty that surrounds us in winter. In a world that's generally bleak, cold, and colorless, it's easy to lose the will to look for the little wonders in nature, as well as in ourselves. After all, we know how unattractive those ski-pants and puffy coats can be. This round will be all about making yourself stand out against the chill of the season and making yourself look good, even if you have to bundle up a bit. Make sure to bring an extra pair of socks! You might need them ~

~ Rules and Guidelines ~

  • Your entry MUST be winter wear. This doesn't necessarily mean a puffy coat and mittens, but just be sure that whatever your contestant is wearing is appropriate for them for the season. If you are not sure, feel free to ask an admin's opinion.  

  • You are welcome to incorporate winter activities into your entry. Your character does NOT have to be featured on a runway so things like skiing or skating are perfectly fine.

  • There is no template for this round or future rounds. This means you are free to make your round art however you like and the setting does not have to be the Miss OC Stage. Use your imagination and put together a piece you believe captures the theme.

  • All entries must be appropriate. In others words, no wardrobe malfunctions worthy of MTV.

  • Please include the contestant's name in the title of the deviation. It helps keep us organized.

  • All entries must be submitted to the featured folder by the deadline to count in the judging. If you need an extension, you must ask for it at least a week in advanced and must give a reason as to why you need it. We have a lot of contestants this year so individual extensions will not be given out to those who simply forgot to do their entry.

  • If you have any questions, please ask in the comments and we will add them to the FAQ section for this round below.

    ~ April 2nd ~

    ~ FAQ Section ~

    Can my entry be in the form of a comic strip?
    Yes. We accept all forms of visual art for our rounds so, as long as it is something you drew yourself for the pageant, you are welcome to enter it. Comic strips, one shots, and full on illustrations are all acceptable formats ~

    Are we allowed to feature other characters or contestants in our entry?
    As long as you have the permission of the other contestant, you are welcome to feature their character in your piece.  You should also feel free to use supporting characters (example: a friend cheering your contestant on throughout the pageant), but be sure your lady is the center of attention ~

More Journal Entries


~ Miss OC Chatroom ~

Want to and chat with admins or fellow contestants? Then stop by the chatroom!…









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45 people were qualified for round 4, right? But I count 27 entries only :(
Someone please tell me I'm just a loser at counting :c
Sephiramy 2 days ago   Digital Artist
I'm a loser at counting, myself - math gives me a headache - but I came up with 43 qualified contestants (some of the entries in round 3 are multiple deviations), and only 26 entries into round 4, since there was one in-round drop! :c

Either way! That's a large portion of girls who are not accounted for.
It's a pity, isn't it? :(
I hope at least some of them simply asked for an individual extension or something.
Oly-RRR 1 day ago  Professional General Artist
By "some entries" you probably mean me! :D But yeah, that sounds about right. Sad but understandable, life happens (I still need to upload the rest of my entry but last week has been crazy).
Elixia-Dragmire 6 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
just dawned on me, Claire and Kez didn't make it :(
The-MoonSquid 5 days ago   Traditional Artist
O_O oh my god! ;-; NO! It's such a shame ._.
Elixia-Dragmire 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
i know right? :( its such a shame, i even saw Kez designs ideas too ...
Sephiramy 6 days ago   Digital Artist
There are lots of girls I really, really liked, that are missing. :c Such a bummer!
Elixia-Dragmire 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
yeah, it makes me a little sad ...
Fidz Apr 5, 2014  Professional Filmographer
I've been having some personal setbacks with a wee sick dog, so I havent had much time to finish my pic. I'm gonna try my best to get it done by the end of today but if I don't I'm so sorry. :(
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